Why Getting A Good Preschool Education Is Important For Your Child

Many phycologists will tell you that the most crucial stage of child development is when a child is in their preschool years. In this stage, they learn many social skills that will be valuable during their school years. Many studies have shown that children who go to preschool are more likely to adapt to the pressure of school. Going to school for the first time can be quite stressful for a child. Unfortunately, many children cannot cope with the transition and may find it difficult. Sending them to a preschool or day-care centre can actually help them learn the basic skills required in school without the strict environment found in classrooms. Children learn basic etiquette when they go to preschool such as how to wait for their turn, how to follow the teacher’s instructions and how to socialize with other children. Chatswood preschool is also necessary for developing many other skills that they may need I school life.  

Without a proper preschool education, many children may not accept the school environment and may struggle to listen to their teachers. This usually results from overdependence on parents, which makes them unable to cope in a school classroom. Many preschools or day-care centres have programs that help develop self-confidence in children and make them understand how to cope independently. This can be valuable later on. While children may still have to learn these things at school, they gain a basic introduction at preschool. This makes them more confident and curious to learn at school. In fact, a positive preschool experience can help your child develop an interest in learning and they may actually be looking forward towards their first day at school, rather than being fearful of it. In short, they are basically making a transition between home and school life during this period.  

Preschools are designed in a very different way to a normal school classroom. They are focused on helping a child learn through play and may incorporate many games into the syllabus. Preschools also help children engage in creative activities such as paintings, drawing and puzzles. Not only do these activities help develop their fine motor skills, they are important for learning as well. Many children learn better through such activities and it helps improve their cognitive abilities as well. Preschools are designed in a comfortable environment to help a child feel at home. This is important as most young children feel afraid of spending the day away from home. In addition to this, children learn to play with other children of their age, which helps them develop valuable social skills that they need in school life. A good preschool will have a strong philosophy based on the overall learning experience and will help your child develop a strong base.