What To Do Before Transporting Your Dog?

You will never want to leave your pet alone. People are very sensitive about their pets that they always try to keep supervision on them. Also, the pets with time become so habitual about their routine that any change can aggravate them. Even longer change of routine can make them irritated and sick. Usually, at home, there is no chance that the pet is comfortable but this problem can raise when they have to travel. The most common pet the people have at their home is Dog.

Dog transport meeds certain guidelines before sending your dog to travel. It is better to prepare your dog for the journey; this will help your pet to be more comfortable during travel and less sign of any abnormality after the travel. Always do follow mentioned checklist before sending your dog on journey where you are not accompanying.

● Pay the visit to the veterinarian. If due to short of time you didn’t get the appointment. Then you should inspect your dog yourselves. Start with ears, if their ears are cleaned then it’s good to go but if they have any debris that can be mites and if you feel that ear mites are present then you must book an appointment with a veterinarian first, before sending your dog.

● Inspect the eyes of the dog, if they are clear then its fine, otherwise if you find any discharge. It shows that your dog is not healthy.

● Look into the mouth, in case of younger puppy there might be chance that they have left with baby teeth. If you found any then it is better to get that removed otherwise, they can cause a problem later on.

● Bathing is important, you should give a proper bath to your dog. This will help to clean them and also will calm down the nerves of your dog. If you will be giving bath regularly 1-2 weeks before their transportation, it will reduce the chances of any infection.

● Feed them properly. It is important to used proper fog canned food that will be suited as per the size and weight of your dog. This will help to keep under control and they will be comfortable while travelling. Otherwise, hunger can make their behaviour aggressive during travel or relocation.

Every country has different rules and regulations regarding pet transportation and entry in their country. You must be well aware of the law of destination country and also check that your particular breed of dog is not banned to enter into that country, even there are certain breeds of dog that are not allowed to board the aeroplane. So, preparing your dog in person is first but along that you need to be careful about all the required documentation for your dog transportation.