Things You Need To Know About AFL

AFL is the football league of the Australia which also is a governing body for the sports in the country. Among with the number of other responsibilities, the AFL is responsible to ensure that all the games are played by abiding the rules and laws which are set for this by the country. The AFL was first known as the VFL which was named on the state of the Victoria and it was founded in the year of the 1896. At this time, it was only limited to the state of the Victoria but then afterwards it started to spread in other states of the Australia and due to which its name was then changed to the AFL. Currently, there are total of 18 teams in the AFL and these teams are in the six states of the Australia whereas the matches for these teams are played across the country in number of states. The headquarters of this is still in the Melbourne.

The fans of AFL have grown drastically over the year and so many people across the country comes to watch the match. There is shop AFL afterpay which is the website on which fans could buy various shirts and other kind of stuff to support and cheer their team when they are going to watch the match.

Influence on AFL:

The AFL was founded by the cricketers in the 19th and at this point it was only the way to keep themselves fit especially during the winter period. This idea was influenced by the football and the rugby.

Wooden spoon for the losing:

The winner team gets the trophy but there is little something for the losing team and that is the wooden spoon. Fortunately, this award is only imaginary and is not actually presented to the team. But it has been recorded every time that how many times one team has been on the last of the premiere and this is how the number of wooden spoons gathered by the team is also tracked. The team of St Kilda has been given 27 wooden spoons which is the highest in all the team and the team of the Adelaide has not yet earned even a single wooden spoon.

Games have been halted on number of occasions:

Although since the 1982 the AFL has been happening every year but there were certain things which stopped the game in the middle such as the release of the pig in the field in the 1993 which was then later caught and then the game resumed. It took total of three minutes to get the pig out of the field.