Issues That Couples Face After Marriage

As the family tree grows from generation to generation, there are marriages taking place where couples come together to form a family unit which multiplies in few decades time year by year. Not every marriage workout in an easy way. Each and every marriage have issues and problems which are managed by the couples or with the intervention of a family friend or parents. But there could be a scenario where if couples do not have anyone nearby who could help them to resolve things, then the role of Counselling Clinics work around to help the couples to find a way out.

There could be several issues which couples have the list of which is here under

  • Understanding Issue

Not all the fingers are of equal length, each and every human has different mindset and there are chance that both spouses can have difference in opinion which leads ultimately to understanding issues on certain things or issues. Usually counselling psychologist have meeting with both couples together and privately to understand mindset and could bring them together on one page which is acceptable for both.

  • Expectation disorder

There are a lot of times when both spouses know each other prior to wedding but things totally change after marriage and there are certain responsibilities and priorities. As before marriage both guy and girl are living in fantasy world which look idealistic and both of them are not ready to see the dark side of each other. But as soon as the marriage take place expectations are too high which results in expectation disorder.

  • Communication Issue

Most of the times both husband and wife do not express to each other if something is against their expectation or will. They keep it to themselves in order not to disappoint each other on certain issues and problems. This results in lack of communication between both husband and wife, which ultimately avoids knowing what are liking and disliking of one person.

  • Trust issue

As the relation of husband and wife is so pious and close, they have a very high expectation from each other no matter what, and this ends up in very sensitive level of trust.  Both of them have a blind faith on each other and in case any misunderstanding can lead to shaking up of trust from both sides. Go right here to find out more details.

  • Dominating Nature

As we know that in each relation there are certain upside and downsides, there are strengths and weakness of every relation. Sometimes if any of the spouse is soft spoken, that could result that other person take advantage of such attitude imposing certain things. This result in domination of one of the spouses in order to show certain strength. It could be from husband side or wife side which sometimes results in suppressing of the voice of one of the spouses as the other spouse is dominating and not ready to accept the opinion or point of view.

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