Get Your Landscape Maintenance And Other Turf Related Projects Done Smoothly With Green Horticultural Group

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Green Horticulture Group’s objective:

Turf-related activities need care daily which is quite difficult for people with hectic routines, hence Green Horticulture Group is here for you to help. Professional help is always required when it comes to horticultural activities because of the unexpected conditions and climatic changes in the region. This type of work will be accomplished by the GHG’s team without any impact on your daily routine. If you want to hire a company to take care of your green landscape at economical rates then Green Horticulture Group is there for you. With over 24 years of diverse experience in this field, the company can easily handle any project that required hard work. Well-managed and innovative equipment and professional staff at GHG are going to take care of your green land to make it look fresh, and green and last longer. Whether it is about turf renovation, drainage, fertilizing, weed and pest control, turf construction, scarifying, top dressing, irrigation or any other maintenance, GHG will easily solve your problem in less time. If you need turf renovation in Newcastle or turf renovation in Wollongong or any other region around Sydney, GHG will be there to assist.

Green Horticulture Group Services:

Green horticulture group work for small projects as well as large commercial projects on short and long terms that includes stadium management, parks, sports complex and many more. GHG is the only cost-effective solution for you for a private development plan. This company is contributing to society by providing benefits using plants and greenery. GHG is one of the government-approved contractors in Australia hence feel free to hire them for your project. GHG is assigned as an official supplier of recreational and associated infrastructure, exterior lighting, playgrounds, modular structures and open spaces. Green Horticulture Group’s sports turf construction includes soil diagnosis and testing, civil and earthworks, drainage installation, laser levelling, irrigation installation, and grow-in maintenance activities. The sports turf management services by GHG include aeration and decompaction, cultivating, fertilizer spreading, top dressing, turf removal and fraise mowing, overseeding, scarification, broadacre spraying and turf installation operations. GHG’s open space management capabilities are arboriculture, irrigation, broadacre mowing and slashing, soft landscape work, landscape maintenance, vegetation management, sports ground marking and sports turf maintenance and management. Get the turf renovation in Newcastle or turf renovation in Wollongong done smoothly by the professional team of GHG without any delay.

Get In Touch with Green Horticulture Group for your project:

You can connect with GHG via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram page to check the positive reviews of the customers who already experienced the quality of work of the GHG team. Explore more about the latest projects which are successfully done by GHG on the website. Get your landscape maintenance and other turf-related projects like turf renovation in Newcastle and turf renovation in Wollongong done smoothly with Green Horticultural Group. Customers can now schedule a free of cost consultation with one of our turf experts to explore more about turf-related activities. Please visit for more information.