Why Education Is Important

Education is the process of learning new things, getting useful knowledge and skills and doing proper studies especially at school, college or university. Educations don’t only give us knowledge and it also helps to shape and develop personality. Educations help us to have good position as well as respect in the society. If you are well education and had studied specific subject and got degree so the person can easily get a job and earn really well.

Education helps us to have better lifestyle for us and our families as well.  It gives us a better understanding to take important decisions. To be successful in life, hard work is important but to get success is impossible without education.  Educations help us to develop and progress more. It gives us different and correct way of thinking which transform our lives completely.  Education also play role in improving people’s creativity and improve businesses too. It not only improves our lives but also makes society better place to live.

Education helps us to live an easy life. Education opens our mind and helps us to think in different ways critically. Education gives us basic ethics and manners and sense of conscience. People have really bad point of view instead of learning concepts and study and forget everything after giving an exam. Education gives us the idea of learning with understanding. Education gives us better understanding and confidence. Education gives us values to be a good citizen as well a good human being. 

Phases of Education

It is a responsibility of government of every count to improve the quality of education. There should be normal number of students in each class instead of having extra number of students as it is really difficult for teachers to give full attention to every student. Teachers should be well educated as career of every student matters.

Firstly student go preschool, after studying it student gets primary and secondary education from school.  To get higher education student get admission in college. After completing higher education, student choose particular field or subject and do detailed study of specific field in the respective university, there they got degree which makes their career and can be source of income.


Although it is good idea to study in foreign country, as it gives more improved quality of education. Studying there gives you better sense of living and teaches you how to tackle life problems and make you independent. So if you can afford to study abroad, so you should apply in well-known university for better education.  Even their parents should give them student visa advice. If they get admission so immediately apply for visa instead of wasting time. It not only makes you independent and confident but also gives you best education which is beneficial for your future as well as career as you can have better lifestyle.